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Making your wheels clean and tidy sometimes requires more than just soap and water. Getting rid of the dirt, dust, or grime in hidden places can be a strenuous task without the right tools. This is why it’s advisable to invest in the best wheel cleaning brushes.

Wheel brushes easily reach the hidden parts, hence giving you better cleaning results. Most of them are built with tough and durable materials that efficiently removes the most stubborn dirt. They work without harming the wheels or compromising their integrity.

When searching the market for wheel brushes, you’ll find many brands. Some are of good quality, while others are a far way off from what you need. Check for these qualities when buying wheel brushes.

Wheel Cleaning Brushes Buying Guide


The size of the wheel brush you buy determines how effectively you get the work done. It also determines the speed at which you accomplish your cleaning goals. The size shouldn't be too small or too large, as this might inconvenience you.


Different wheel brushes are made from varying materials, which also affects their cleaning efficiency. The best material shouldn’t be too hard that it scratches or marks-up the rims. It also shouldn’t be too soft that it can’t effectively remove tough spots.


The design of the brush you buy affects how easily you can maneuver through the hidden areas. Some brushes with a large handle will work better than those with a short one. An ergonomic handle also gives you a firm grip, preventing discomfort and fatigue around the wrist.

Types of Wheel Cleaning Brushes

Wheel cleaning brushes come in several types. Differentiating between them makes your search easier, knowing what each model has to offer.

Angled Brush

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These are long and flexible, with a design that makes it easy to reach deep inside the wheels. With such a brush, you’re better able to remove all dirt, debris, and grime. They work best in tight areas without making you hurt your knuckles against the wheels.

Bristle Combinations

The best brushes have a combination of bristles. Some are soft, made from nylon, while others are hard and made from wire. This combination makes it easy to remove the most stubborn stains while protecting the paintwork.

Drill Attachments

Buying a brush that attaches to a drill makes for a versatile tool to tackle the most stubborn stains. Attaching to a drill helps the brush makes numerous rotations in a minute for cleaner and more satisfying results.

Comparison Chart

TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush

Chemical Guys ACC_G08 Wheel & Tire Brush

Mothers Wheel Brush

Chemical Guys Acc_S90 The Goat Boar’s Hair Detail Brush

NABLUE Cleaning Detailing Brush Kit

Best Wheel Cleaning Brushes Reviews

The market has no shortage of wheel-cleaning brushes. However, due to their different features and capabilities, it may take you a while to lay your hands on the best one possible. This review is here to eliminate the trial and error process by listing some of the top models.

TAKAVU Master Wheel Brush

With the TAKAVU Master Wheel brush, you don't need a high-pressure washer to achieve the best cleaning results. It’s a soft yet highly effective brush that comes at a pocket-friendly price.


The TAKAVU brush is designed to help you clean those hard-to-reach spots that other brushes are unable to reach. It’s a flexible tool ideal for cleaning between wheel spokes. It also effectively reaches the space between the rotor and the inside of the wheel.

The brush's design is well thought-out to protect your knuckles from hitting against the wheels as you clean. The head measures 9.5” and is long enough to allow you to clean the wheels quickly.

As a cleaning tool designed for professional car detailers and enthusiasts, you should consider getting it for yourself too. Don’t let the soft bristles fool you into thinking it won’t last long.

It's also a multipurpose brush that you can use for other cleaning purposes. Trust it to give you excellent service with fantastic results each time.


  • The bristles are soft yet highly durable
  • The head and handle are designed to protect your knuckles from injuries
  • An effective, durable, and multipurpose brush
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price
  • Designed for professional cleaning purposes


  • The bristles are too soft for stubborn stains
  • The handle is a little too short for some users

Chemical Guys ACC_G08 Wheel & Tire Brush

This bestseller wheel brush is a pocket-friendly deal that won’t disappoint. It’s a great tool not just for your wheels but also for the inner fenders, rims, and undercarriages.


If you've been looking for wheel brushes for a long time, you've probably come across some that can't withstand chemicals. The case is different with the Chemical Guys Wheel brush. Its bristles and handle are made with materials that won't be compromised by harsh chemicals.

This makes it appropriate for use with a wide variety of cleaning detergents. The ends of the bristles resume a feather-like structure that makes it more effective in cleaning. They feel soft against the touch, but they’re useful in cleaning grime, dirt, and stubborn stains.


The element you'll love most about the Chemical Guys Wheel and Tire brush is the handle. The ergonomic shape delivers a comfortable grip. While working and trying to reach tight spots, you won't experience fatigue or discomfort in your hands.

The overall design of the brush is heavy-duty and doesn’t leave any dead ends. It effortlessly reaches the most hidden areas for a thorough and spotless cleaning session. The bristles are 2” long and work perfectly all around the wheels.


  • The brush assumes a professional and ergonomic design for ease of use
  • It works efficiently to remove all grime and stubborn stains
  • The bristles have a unique design with feather-like ends
  • Heavy-duty design with a non-slip handle for a perfect grip
  • Can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including bumpers and rims


  • The bristles are too soft, not quite effective for some users
  • Its handle could be better if a little longer

Mothers Wheel Brush

Another one of the top wheel cleaning brushes is the Mothers 155700 Wheel brush. It’s designed with soft bristles that protect your wheels from damage when cleaning.


The Mothers Wheel Brush is designed to help you target even the most hidden areas of the wheel. The handle provides you a firm grip to prevent it from slipping off your hand while cleaning. It also comes with a protective rubberized bumper that prevents damage to the surface as you apply pressure.


The design of the brush lets you use it to clean a variety of surfaces. Apart from the wheels, you can also use it to clean the fenders, bumpers, and rims. Since the brush performs most of the work for you, there's no need to apply much pressure.

It keeps your hand from the pain and discomfort that can arise when scrubbing tough surfaces. However, the surface area of the brush is more substantive than most of the other competitive brands. This can make it harder to reach some interior areas within the wheels.

It’s a nice choice for quickly cleaning the exterior surface on the wheels. For a thorough finish on the interior surface, you may need a smaller brush.


  • The handle is designed to give you a firm grip and it's not slippery
  • The overall construction of the brush is high-quality
  • Soft and gentle bristles don’t scratch the surface of the wheels
  • The design of the brush protects you from hurting your knuckles when cleaning tight spots
  • It has a protective rubber bumper that prevents scratching


  • The surface of the brush is too broad and not ideal for hidden surfaces
  • The bristles are not very firm and may start falling off as soon as the first use

Chemical Guys Acc_S90 The Goat Boar's Hair Detail Brush

Chemical Guys is a brand with a wide selection of wheel brushes that won’t disappoint. Another one in their collection is the ACC-S90 Goat Premium Natural Bristle Brush.


This gentle yet highly effective brush is designed to deliver amazing results as you clean. The materials that make it are chemical-resistant and any cleaning detergents won't compromise its quality. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in a variety of cleaning situations.

Designed for professional detailers, the tool comes in handy for both interior and exterior cleaning projects. Its soft brushes come in handy in cleaning painted bumpers and surfaces. The heavy-duty design completely removes all grime and dirt, leaving you with sparkling wheels.

The handle of this brush is not like that of most other brushes. Its ergonomic design gives you a firm grip because of its anti-skid qualities. With the brush, cleaning your wheels doesn’t have to be an arduous task.


  • The handle has non-slip qualities that provide a firm grip when cleaning
  • Soft yet firm bristles perform a thorough cleaning job
  • The overall design of the brush is heavy-duty, compact, and hence durable
  • Doesn’t scrape off paint when used to clean painted surfaces
  • Made to resist the effects of harsh chemicals and cleaning products


  • Despite performing a thorough cleaning job, the bristles don't last long
  • The brush is made of flimsy plastic material that makes it feel too simplistic for tough cleaning

NABLUE Cleaning Detailing Brush Kit

For tender care on your wheels when cleaning them, you must have the right tools. You can’t go wrong with the NABLUE Car Cleaning Brush designed for all automotive cleaning.


The brush is made from natural boar hair and is best used for detailing purposes. The package comes in a variety of different sizes to meet all needs and conditions. The varying lengths of the brushes make it easy for you to reach all parts of the wheel with ease and comfort.

You can quickly reach the lug nuts and even narrow or tight spots. The brushes work well without causing scratches on the surface of the wheels. This tender care extends to the rims, chrome finish, clear coat, as well as the delicate interiors.


The brush has a premium construction that ensures the bristles stay in place while cleaning. This means that loose bristles that make your detailing job frustrating are a thing of the past with this brush. Their all-round protection of your wheels and rims gives you confidence that their integrity won’t be compromised.

The bristles assume a round and smooth shape and are crafted from natural high-density bristle hair. They’re environmentally friendly and are safe to use with any cleaner or compound.

The handle is smooth with an anti-slip grip. On top of the handle is a hole that lets you hang the brush to dry after use.


This NABLUE brush comes in handy in many situations. Apart from deep cleaning your wheels, you can also use it for other light touches. It’s ideal for brushing off dust from the car seat crevices and dusting air vents.

You can also conveniently use it to clean around emblems, central heating vents, sliding door runners, and window seals. Its shape and easy-to-handle design make it a good fit for countless other light cleaning tasks. Note that the brush has no metal parts, a factor that ensures you have the safest cleaning experience.


  • The package has a set of six different brushes in varying sizes
  • High-quality bristles don’t break or come off easily
  • Ideal for light-cleaning functions in the car’s interior
  • Smooth handle made from natural wood and with anti-slip properties
  • Has no metal parts and hence safe to use on delicate parts and surfaces


  • The brush may still shed a few hairs here and there
  • Does not deliver optimal results for exterior cleaning and not ideal for tough stains


Getting the best wheel cleaning brushes can be an uphill task given the many varieties of brushes on the market. However, with this review, your search becomes more effortless. You can choose from the above top brands that offer perfect cleaning results, even for the toughest dirt spots.

The NABLUE Car Cleaning Brush is the right choice if you're not sure of the best size for your car. Each of the brushes in the set will come in handy for a specific cleaning task.

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